When Steve suggested the Deep Dive work to my husband,  I will admit that it freaked me out at first. Steve sat down with us explaining all of it and dutifully answered all of our exhausting questions. He also shared his personal experience with it. I think that his experience with it is why he has been able to guide people through some very dark moments into light and bring hope for their future. With careful consideration we decided to proceed and are very happy that we did. Simply put, Steve is amazing in his insights, is supportive and he has led my husband very well. Steve is kind, thoughtful, calm, sensitive, and he is patient. He has not only guided my husband well through his grief and trauma, but he is walking with him through it all, so much so that my husband feels 100% comfortable with Steve and does not hold back. My husband does not feel the need to edit himself and is not fearful of being judged harshly for his thoughts and feelings. That part is huge for my husband. Steve is punctual, available, and professional. His office is peaceful and private. Upon entry you feel genuine warmth. As a wife all of these things are so super important.  However, by far the most important is, I have seen progress in my husband’s mental health and better yet, I see HIM seeing progress in himself.