Learn to about how plant medicines can support emotional and spiritual healing

There’s lots of well-meaning, but bad advice when it comes to healing.

The approaches of “man up and get over it”, “open up and talk about it”, “think it through” or “medicate it away” are all misguided and don’t actually work.

What does work  is to get underneath the surface level, underneath our everyday thinking mind and into the subconscious (soul) so we can heal it.

After spending over ten years as a mental health clinician, it became clear to me that psychology (psyche=soul) has become far too focused on our thinking mind and has forgotten about the soul. Trying to solve problems but only focusing on the “tip of the iceberg.”

This is why I have created a platform to learn and experience how plant medicine can facilitate transformation. How it can take us from on-edge, numb, and disconnected to feeling more whole, alive, and capable of living a more authentic life.

The course Sacred Sessions: Trauma, plant medicine, and holistic healing is a masterclass for anyone interested in learning about psychedelics for both spiritual exploration, and or recovering from childhood trauma. Benefits of the course include:

  • How to heal on a deeper level than talk therapy can offer without years of appointments;
  • How to avoid the pitfalls of working with plant medicine
  • Understand how and why thinking based approaches fall short
  • How to prepare yourself and have realistic expectations
  • How to translate the work into lasting positive changes in your life instead of a powerful experience that fades away
  • Understand what’s happening in your nervous system and how it holds trauma
  • Practical lifestyle and nervous system hygiene practices

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