Sacred Self Collective is a non-denominational entheogenic church. By engaging in ceremony and becoming a member of the Church, you comprehend and agree to the following bylaws:


I, enter into this agreement of my own free will; I choose to establish this agreement between I and Sacred Self Collective;

I, certify that my participation in the Church ceremonies are in furtherance of my sincere religious exercise;

I, agree to be responsible for my actions and any difficult emotions that may occur as a result of any offering or ceremony with Sacred Self Collective;

I, agree to abide to the best of my ability with the principles of love, truth, and humility;

I, agree to be transparent about my relationship with the sacrament and honest about my consumption and spiritual progress;

I, agree to be fully transparent and honest about my health and any medications or conditions when asked prior to ceremony;

I, understand that my membership in The Church is subject to be withdrawn at any time and for any reason