Practical Soul Recovery

Ceremony, support, and fellowship to unlock your divine potential.

A non-denominational church

Supporting members of our community to heal, grow, and connect through:

  • Trauma-informed; psychospiritual counseling
  • Entheogen ceremony
  • Community events and fellowship

Our Process

Trauma-Informed Preparation

Our holistic approach to preparation benefits both your soul and nervous system

Divine Experience

Ceremonies for sincere seekers of a mystical, healing experience

Practical Integration

Anchor the benefits of the experience into your body, mind, and soul via integration tools

We are providing healing and support to our community’s “helpers” and “heroes” at minimal cost.

We do not limit or discriminate our offerings to any one particular group. Anyone with a sincere desire may explore our ceremonies.

Making donations and investing in your spiritual growth lets us offer retreats to helpers and heroes in need. 

Al Bailey

I’ve had breakthroughs that I can honestly attribute to our connection and our shared love for life family and healing.

Al Bailey


It is an understatement to say that I highly recommend Steve to anyone looking to cultivate skills necessary for improving the way they go through life and interact with others. 


Sid H

Since starting this part of my with journey with Steve we have been able to uncover, and I have been able to process parts of my formative experiences that were unconsciously impacting me for over 50 years.

Sid H


Steve is kind, thoughtful, calm, sensitive, and he is patient. He has not only guided my husband well through his grief and trauma, but he is walking with him through it all, so much so that my husband feels 100% comfortable with Steve and does not hold back.



His ability to hold space for a person no matter what they may be going through creates an environment for true healing to take place. 


Fullfilling our mission via

Sacred Ceremonies

Tailored to your unique journey, participate in either small group or private ceremonies to connect spiritually and release emotional burdens of the soul


Through our carefully curated group retreats, you can experience profound spiritual journeys in an all-inclusive and supportive community setting.


You can solidify your transformation and get support for the ups and downs of life through the support of others.